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news Falcom announces Ys IX: Monstrum Nox for Japan

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After confirming that a new title was in development as of last August, the latest Ys game has been officially revealed as Ys IX: Monstrum Nox. Additionally, story information and gameplay elements have been lightly detailed on the Japanese website. The game is set for a 2019 release in Japan as a PlayStation 4 exclusive. Ys IX's narrative will focus on creatures who can wield supernatural powers, called Monstrum, which will also tie into the gameplay by allowing for players to also use these abilities in order to explore the world. As this was announced by Falcom JP, no English translation has been confirmed at the time of reveal, though XSEED and NIS America have localized every modern entry within the series.


I became someone other than myself. Have you ever that kind of dream?

I think about myself in that dream. Is this me, or is this not me?

Are dreams reality, or are reality dreams? I’ve reached an awfully simple answer.

“Whichever is fine.”

Which is true—or which is not true. Both are reality.

– An excerpt from “Baldeux’s Cell”


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