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Halo 2

Tested and working: Mod-chipped xbox v1.6, TSOP Flashed xbox 1.2


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We have the Japanese copy of halo 2 upload which is awesome and that dose run in English if you don't set your xbox up right but no bog stranded English copy of halo sooo now we do :<3: 

And if your looking for halo 1 we have that too

And the Japanese version as well


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@mlogick i like your led jewel mod in your profile pic :amazingvani: i have some leds in my xbox but i lit around the jewel as i have a crystal xbox so it lights the hole top of the xbox >__<

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6 hours ago, AwesomeGreen22 said:

Awesome Halo 2 was the it game online

There are still a lot of people that play halo 2 online with xlink kai :nepyah:
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I haven't really tried it out much my self because my internet isn't the best for this but I may have to try it our more one of these days

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