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Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, and Crimson Gray, please?


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Thanks in advance!

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    • By Ravenstorm
      Those (like myself) who never had a chance to play the Please login or register to see this link. Please login or register to see this link. Bayonetta, can now pick it up Steam for a mere price of $20.  So far, it looks like the game is getting "Very Good" reception on Steam for being a quality port.
      The premise of the game seems to be "sexy female combat", and a lot of Bayonetta's moves show her skin while she is kicking "angel" ass.  It's the same creator who made Devil May Cry, so I can see where the gameplay would be going, too.
      Game Intro Trailer:
      Here's what the game play looks like on max settings:
      That's some flashy combat! As expected of the genius behind Devil May Cry.  I'll probably pick this one up, eventually, it certainly looks like a wondrous feast of visuals and action.  And here I almost got the WII U version! I always prefer playing these kind of games with a mouse+keyboard combo myself. Hopefully Bayonetta 2 is ported next! 
    • By Ravenstorm
      My dream came true, and Blizzard unveiled their event and made a co-op campaign that further delves into Overwatch's rich backstory.  People laughed when I said Blizzard would do something like this, since it was "too much work" and "impossible to hope for". I can't wait to get back to them and get the "last laugh". Hehehe...
      I temporarily stopped playing Overwatch, hoping for some fresh new content to try, and it's here!  My only worry is that it's "limited", but I'm guessing Blizzard is testing our it's popularity first.  I sure hope to see more of this kind of thing in the future though!
      They are releasing some new skins, highlight intros, and emotes as well!  I'm already swooning over that new beautiful Mercy skin!  it's neat to see what the Overwatch Agents were supposed to look like in the past. 
      What do you guys think, does it get you pumped to play a different mode and have the opportunity finally explore some of the lore of Overwatch?
      Read more here: Please login or register to see this link.
    • By Ravenstorm
      This game is looking really promising.  If you were a fan of Rune Factory, monster catching games like Digimon, Harvest Moon, Monster Rancher, etc. this game may be a dream come true for you. It's going to have many many many features, including farming, monster catching, romance, online cooperative multiplayer, fishing, adventuring with real time combat, and more!  I'm personally very excited for this game!!
      Currently, it's running a crowdfunding campaign on Square Enix Collective (Crowdfunding) and is doing pretty well.  Please login or register to see this link.
      Please login or register to see this link.
    • By Ravenstorm
      Ever imagine what it's like to be forcibly inflicted with amnesia and grouped with a bunch of highly elite and eccentric students (example: a tennis player offing an entire Mafia group with steel balls), and then being constantly coerced into killing them to save your own ass?  Or maybe you just want to be the nice person and try to find a way out of the mess.  Either way, this game will play on your nerves, conscious, and make you suspect literally everyone. 

      The gameplay is mainly walking around and finding areas of interest/clues, playing minigames (driving on a psychic highway, solving block puzzles, etc.) and going through "debates" where you must quickly assess people's statements and find flaws, or, this time around, even lie to get the real truth.  I'm not a huge fan of the gameplay, but there is an Easy Mode to quickly get through them if you just wanna enjoy the story.
      I've personally played the first 2 games and thoroughly enjoyed the characters and plot. It took me a while to adapt to the Hope / Despair (mostly despair) combo, but once I got past the initial shock value, I was hungry for more crazy humor and dark drama.  Interestingly, this game seems to combine characters from the first two games, at least from what the demo showed, anyway (who knows, it could be a trick, Spike Chunsoft  is very tricksy!). 
      Oh, and do yourself a favor (or don't), don't mistake this for a waifu/husbando sim, because NO ONE IS TRULY SAFE when it comes to death and despair in this series! >:)
      The demo for the new Danganronpa 3 game is out.  The official full English releases will be on:
      NA: September 26, 2017
      EU: September 29, 2017
      AU: October 6, 2017
      If you complete the demo, you will get a "secret reward" upon buying the full game.  (no idea what that will be)
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      Please login or register to see this link.
      Please login or register to see this link.