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discussion Far Cry 5 Endings - Hugely disappointing for me [Spoilers]

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Far Cry 5 is the first Far Cry I ever played, and probably the last. I enjoy games for their story, and this story's ending was a huge disappointment for me. I loved the gameplay, the graphics were amazing, the music was memorable and catchy, the gun mechanics were tight and realistic. Not only that, the party AI was quite impressive and probably some of the best I've seen. The AI roster was diverse and people like Jess Black's lines will stay etched in my memory for a while. Her archery skills were amazing..hard to believe I decided to quit this game, ya?

But, since I'm a curious person, I decided to check out the endings and the characters in more detail. In the end, the game just used cheap and overused warped Christian themes. Same old stuff about psychos using religious figure's names to support their insanities. Not only that, they made the main villain undefeatable and the world is nuked anyway..

I just no longer see a need to complete the game, knowing the villains win no matter what. Now I know what people meant when they said the game would of been better with no story at all. The GAME itself is REALLY fun, but the lunatic fake religious cult plotline was just, in my opinion, completely pointless.

This review sums up my complaints soundly.

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The idea here is yes he is a lunatic but in the end he was right, the nukes that hit are from outside the country not the ones he had! He was trying to help people in his unmoraly way

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Far cry 3 had the best story Imo. I haven't tried 5 yet but I platinumed 3 and 4, the enemy in 3 was super trippy and badass. I'd try that one if I were u

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Haven't play 5, but have finished 1, 3, 4, primal and quit 2.

Of all the games which pretty much are copy-paste just like the AC's game gotta say that @phillybluntz530 its right, the best story is told in the FC 3. If you have the oportunity check it out.

Sad to hear the ending sucks, but again the FC games are -to me- worth playing due to the mechanics, views more than anything else. Hope I can play it someday soon!.

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