Latest Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyuu 2016 Update That Works On 3.60?

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C1-6703-6  means you need updated firmware. Translation: You shouldn't have updated, because now you can't play the game.

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    • By TheRadziu
      Some people already knew about it since I heavily teased it on discord servers and twitter, but now latest rePatch update and rePatch AIDS have been released!

      Please login or register to see this link.
      There are 3 DLC modes:
      -Encrypted only - in this mode you use only nonpdrm/retail DLCs
      -Decrypted only - in this mode you use only mai/vitamin/decrypted DLCs and no nonpdrm/retail dlcs
      -Mixed - in this mode you can use both decrypted and encrypted dlcs at the same time, for example: I installed 2 DLCs from NoPayStation and 160 mai DLCs and all 162 DLCs work at the same time in mixed mode.

      in-depth tutorial in case you still have questions about new features or simply want to know more about modding in general: Please login or register to see this link.
    • By Aeondiscordia181
      Hello, would anyone happen to have all or if any of the available DLC for Helldivers?
      Base game + Update is available on the NPS Browser, but it’s so saddening to not see any of its DLC packs that could help expand the game’s longevity/replay value.
      Anything is appreciated, thank you. 
    • By sogekingu
      is it possible to mod or patch NoNpDrm games or will be possible in the future?
      (like the trails in the sky evolution english patch)
    • By Noobnity
      I'm searching for Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth R3 Asia English Version dump online but seem cannot find it. 
      Kindly hoping someone will fulfill my request or point me the link if it already available online.
      In return, i will upload the dump of Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth Hacker's Memory R3 Asia English Version with DLC + Update since i already have the physical copy of it.
      Thanks and enjoy your gaming life
    • By Maybel
      It is necessary to update for the codes to work, the links are at the end of the topic, I tested and even after restarting the console the codes work normally
      Cheats will work as long as there are no changes in Digimon status (lvl, evolution, etc ...) They work in the first digimon of the group, to work in others use the option "Move Digimon" in DigiBank This is the first version of cheat, I'll be posting the updates here in this topic If it does not work, close the game and reopen, activate the cheats until they work Updates
      19/03/2018 - Max Stats/Cam/ABI for 1ST Digimon and Max Money 20/03/2018 - Party Memory 999 / Max Coin (PvP Shop) 21/03/2018 - Max Stats/Cam/ABI for  2ND and 3RD Digimon 25/03/2018 - Item Slot 1-10 x99/Item Slot 11-20 x99/Item Brave Point A x99 (Thanks kaitokid05) Downloads .psv file and att 1.04
      Please login or register to see this spoiler. Put the patch folder in ux0:
      Put .psv in ux0:vitacheat/db/