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Catherine: Full Body


So I'm sure some of you already know this, but Catherine is getting a remake by Atlus on current-gen Sony consoles (home and mobile). I was hesitant whether to post this in the PS4 or Vita section, went with Vita since I felt it's livelier; and because, personally, I am more interested in the idea of porting it to the Vita.

I have never played the game, but it's been in my radar ever since I heard of it. Besides the idea of the game itself, the game-play seems very compelling. I am just surprised they decided to remake a game that hasn't been out for so long.



There seems to be additional content to the game. A "girl", and I say "girl" very loosely (Yukiko knows what I'm talking about :lewd:), named Rin has been added to the game. I have no idea what purpose she might play in the game, but it seems she has already accumulated quite noticeable Twitter fights concerning her slight gender ambiguity and sexuality. Which are things I prefer nobody on this thread touches on immaturely. And I do have faith in this site's users' civility.

I hope the Vita port is good~

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