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【Pokemon Ultra Moon & Ultra Sun】【Decrypted for CITRA】【REGIONFREE-TNW】

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    • By LuzianoZOMBI3

      Title: コール オブ デューティ ブラックオプスII (字幕版)
      Title (Romanized): Call of Duty: Black Ops II (Subbed Edition)
      Developer: Treyarch
      Publisher: Activision
      Publisher (Japan): Square Enix
      Genre: FPS
      Release: 2012/11/22 (JPN) [字幕版]
      CERO Rating: Z (18+)
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      This is not my dump, game dumped by HR, uploaded to Drive as a mirror just in case if the original link goes down/deleted.
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      Also dumped by HR, thread by Yukiko.
      Speech and dialogue is retained in English, text and subtitles are in Japanese.
    • By Avi

      Tested and WORKING WITH A SAVE on Citra Bleeding Edge (25/July/2017)
      Unpacked Size: 1.71GB
      Packed Rar: 960.9MB
      Compressed using RAR5. Version 5+ of WinRar is recommended!
      Note: In order to run the game you need an existent save file past the character creation!
      Note2: Set the emulator's Region to USA.
      Note3: I'm currently looking for working save files so i'll be uploading them here!
      Format: .3ds
      Password: aviven
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