Help!! Problem on my vita 2000

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I installed enso on my vita and added some plugins. Then i rebooted and my vita got stuck in the 'molecular' logo, then i just turn off my vita (don't ask how plz) and removed my memory card. Then the vita booted normal, i rebuilded my database and re-installed enso. Then i decided to try again inserting the memory card and rebooting. Then the same happened, but now instead of getting stuck the logo was for 1-2 seconds an then the screen turn black. The green light was stuck blinking and trying to hold the power button 30 seconds did nothing. I'll let my vita discharge and then, i tryed connecting the charger but the charging light was ok, but when i tryed accesing recovery mode, the same thing happened, the light got stuck blinking but now, the screen was totally black. Any one know what did happen to my vita and how to fix it? 

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well, up to the point when your vita was bootlooping it was easy to fix: Hold L on boot, it will disable TAI framework (for that boot only, tai will work again after reboot). I'm almost sure you added vita2pc as *ALL plugin, since its the only plugin I know of that can cause bootloops. So, with TAI temporarily disabled, all you would have to do is to fix your config.txt and reboot. 

I'm not sure what exactly happened when you tried to mess with it further, not being able to access Recovery Menu is a bad sign. 

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      What's translated:
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      You guys need this Game: Ragnarok Odyssey ACE [US] [PCSE00300]
      Just search google for a Mai Dump for this game.
      For the NoNpRM dump you can get it at NoPayStation
      See guides here: 
      Cheat plug-ins: You guys can use any cheat device you like.
      MAI: VitaCheat, GoHanMEM, and RinCheat will work
      NoNpDRM: only VitaCheat will work.
      -For the Cheaters, you can help me by just commenting on what code is working for you. 
      -For the Coders/Hackers if you have a different offset, you can search it and comment on what you got.
      *And if the code won't work on the first time try closing the game and restart it again. 
      THE CODES: 
      This is the codes I've been experimenting on different dumps and updates for the game. This are all Zeny Codes.
      PSVITA: This codes are for PSVITA
      Here is a code for MAI without the Update
      Please login or register to see this code. Here is a code for Mai with the latest Update (Version 1.11)
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      Please login or register to see this code. Here is a code for NoNpDRM with the latest Update (Version 1.11)
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      Please login or register to see this code. Here is a code for Mai with the latest Update (Version 1.11)
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      Please login or register to see this code. Here is a code for NoNpDRM with the latest Update (Version 1.11)
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      Q:Does the Address offset change between PSVita and PSTV?
      -I have a PSVita 2001 (Slim) and a PSTV both running Henkaku Enso. I don't know about the PSVita 1000 (Fat)

      Q:Does the Address offset change upon Updating to the latest patch/version of the Game?

      Q: Does the Address offset change on different kind of Dump?
      A: Yes (Mai Dump and NoNpDRM Dump of the game) I don't think if there is a Vitamin Dump for this game.
      And here are some myths that I still need you guys to help me with:
      Q:Does any of the Code works for other players?
      A: Yes. Thanks to @mamatkhaled14 for checking the codes.
      Q:Does closing the app and restarting it make the codes work?
      A: Yes. Thanks to @mamatkhaled14 for checking the codes.
      And if you have more questions feel free to ask by replying and I'm waiting patiently for your answers.