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§ OVERview:
 This forum SOFTware uses Topic tags to GROUP Topics which have the SAME tags.

§ INFORMation:
 When a tag is CLICKed, the forum will SEARCH the DATAbase to find MATCHes of that tag on OTHER Topics and SHOW the RESULTs.

§ USage:
 ● On the “Create New Topic” web-page, in the “Tags” section,
  ● In your Topic, under the “Started by”, click the PLUS button,
    INput the text.
  When there are MANY pieces of text TO be ENTERed, USE TWO commas to SEPARATE the text.

EXAMPLE 1,,example 2,,example 3

§ NOTEs:
 1. When MANY tags are INputted using this method, the forum will REcord it as a SINGLE tag — to FIX this, click the “Save” button Again
  2. IF the text INcludes a comma, the forum will think it is a separator — RE-move the comma
  3. The forum will CONVERT the characters to LOWer case when saved
  4. BASIC tags for a Topic:
     ▪ OFFICial game name
     └ IF the game is part of a SERIES — include the BASE series name
     ▪ Platform
     ▪ File HOST
     └ The file host is to be used as the Topic tag PRE-fix.
     └ IF the file(s) are hosted on MULTIPLE hosts — use “multi” as the Topic tag PRE-fix. Include the INDIVIDUal hosts as separate tags
     ▪ File EXTENsion
     ▪ TnW
     ▪ REGion
     ▪ Languages
  5. Forum MODerators MAY ALTer the tags to REfine it.

§ CONvention:
 Topic tags are STRONGly ENcouraged. It is VITAL to BUILDing a robust AND flexible system to group Topics which contain SIMILAR content across the database.

PREserving my culture — OUR culture. KNOWLEDGE passed on and harnessed, UN-ravels even the MOST IMpossible of difficulties…

Warlord Blade

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    • By RazorX
      hey guys i was asked if i could make a small guide for those of you who are struggling to get PC Engine games running on there vita and since this will be a fairly short and straight forward guide i thought i would also include the PSVita PKG Downloader/Converter batch file i wrote for myself to download/extract the following:
      Vita Games
      Vita Updates
      Vita DLC
      PS1 Games
      PSP Games
      PSP DLC
      PSP PC Engine
      PSP Themes
      i did not create the programs it comes with, i only wrote and tested the batch file itself.
      PC Engine Guide (NPS Browser):
      Please login or register to see this spoiler.  
      If you have any questions please let me know thanks.
      Download Link:
      Please login or register to see this link.
      Updated PSVita PKG Downloader/Converter To Include zRIF Options:

      If you want to download updates using Vita Game Update Checker use this as a guide:

    • By Ravenstorm
      How to Reveal Hidden Content

      Oh no! A wild Hidden Content box has appeared! No worries, it's easy to defeat. If you need to reveal Hidden Content, there are two simple ways to do so.
      Method One

      Reply to the topic, it's as simple as that. Please do try to type at least one complete sentence. It helps motivate people to contribute more, which means - more stuff for you!
      Method Two
      If you are too busy, shy, or just plain lazy, that's okay, there is another way to reveal Hidden Content. The Almighty Method Two has your back! See the colorful little "Reaction" button circles at the bottom right corner of the post?

      Yeah, those! All you need to do click one of them. The Heart is a "Like", the Up arrow is an "Upvote", and the Down arrow is a "Downvote". Click any one of these Reactions and the content will be revealed! Clicking the Green or Blue Reaction is highly recommended (that is, if the link was legit) for maximum happiness and good feelz .
      After *CLICK* or REPLY, look what happens next!

      Muhaha! You have defeated the Hidden Content box!
      Now, try clicking the > Reveal hidden contents button.

      Sweet~! The Download link is now ready to be looted.
      Now, some folks may wonder why we have Hidden Content boxes at all. Well, the reasons are because it 1. protects the link better 2. lets the uploaders know that their time, effort, and contribution was appreciated and recognized. The boxes aren't by any means there to annoy people, they are there to help ensure that the content has the best chances of staying up for you.
    • By Djdragon44
      Hello Again!
      In this post, we'll be going over how to...
      Manually Unpack/Decrypt PKG files
      Downloaded manually, or due to NPS Browser closing, crashing, or an error in downloading.
      First thing, we need a couple of tools before we get started. If you're using NPS Browser already, you already have all of the tools needed.
      If not, you need pkg2zip found here: Please login or register to see this link.
      Go ahead and put it in it's own folder, like so:
      Now, put your PKG file you want to decrypt in the same folder as pkg2zip, like so (I'm using Limbo(PCSE00268) for example):
      Now, you need to open CMD in this folder, like so:
      *Note* the above command is for Windows 7, for windows 10 it's a little different, especially if it's on another HDD, look into the "CD" command for Windows here: Please login or register to see this link.
      Now that you're "cd"'ed to the folder with pkg2zip, now we need to run the command!
      The command I'm running is as follows: 
      Please login or register to see this code. What does this mean?
      "pkg2zip" - calling the pkg2zip.exe in the folder
      "-x -c9" are folder and compression settings, you don't need to mess with these
      "trgIstMxIlcUYLFmvhCwRbYgOHEpdPZCwxGVudRJzuXBZnEZUdJLexACJnsfbiDy.pkg" is the direct package name from NPS (*This can be renamed, I just copy and paste it, be sure you include the '.pkg' at the end!*)
      " KO5ifR1dQ+eHBhgZmJpATTUyswDZ72JoGODjGOni6uji4+nr5I/Pf7b1wlqb/Ku2lRSFlO3d0hIwyKODeaSnRwAhcxP5" is the zRif key taken from NPS, found here (Please login or register to see this link. ): 
      After you run that, you'll see an output like this:
      You'll now have a folder titled "app" in the same folder you have pkg2zip in, with the game inside of it, decrypted and unpacked!
      That's about it! If you have any questions, feel free to ask!