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Akiba's Beat and Fate/Extella on Sale @ Play Asia!

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If you were waiting for a good deal on either of these games, this is probably the best I've seen! Sale ends next week (6.5 days after today 9/26), so make up your mind quickly! 

I might grab Akiba's Beat.  I haven't heard great things about it, but it has a solid 40 hour play value with a "Tales of" type of battle system.  I think I'd enjoy as much as a Hyperdimension Neptunia (since it doesn't seem to take itself seriously either) game at least!

I have heard great things about Fate/Extella, and I personally enjoyed it (it can be difficult at least it was for me at first), but I think maybe most people would go for the PS4 or PC version to see those amazing characters in full glory on their big TVs/monitors. :D (I did)

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