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A.I. Channel

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I watched this and the next time I open YouTube, my homepage is filled with suggested videos of A.I chan lol.

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I'm seeing a lot of VTubers popping up since that channel opened up and went viral.

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    • By The Admiral
      So I've completed Resident Evil 4 couple times more and looked up some sick mercenaries gameplay and thought I would share it here.
      Also be prepered as it can give you nightmares if you played RE4.

      So here goes the clip
      Also While I'm at it I looked up some quotes enemies are saying and I must say that those can be creepy as heck.
      And that would be all. Pretty cool game. It has two story modes where you play first as Leon and then unlock Ada's story, 3 difficulty modes and couple extra modes like mercenaries and seperate Ada mission with new game+ on both story modes and extra weapons. Highly recommend to check it out if you're interested. It's a masterpiece if you ask me.
    • By Ravenstorm
      I hope this means more Toki screen time too! I want to hear how much her singing has improved since then. If one cup of tea did a decent boost, I can't wait to hear how much years worth did for her voice.
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