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G'day everyone,

My name is Sarah and I go by the name MyFrozenSanctuary (please feel free to shorten it down to MFS) ^.^

I'm not usually very good at introductions and stuff so I apologise in advance for any future mishaps.

I am going to be contributing to the psvita scene in the way of sharing my giant hoard of PS+ games. This will, of course, take a while as Australia has shitty speedy with capped data but I intend to upload these things at my university using a VPN~

In the future, I hope to learn how to extract assets from newer games to help with translations/patches. In particular otome games as they are my favourites. :3

I own two psvitas; a fat one that's of a certain status and a slim one that is always up to date. This tag team combo has allowed me to play both new and old games with little problem, I am however limited because of my two 8GB cards. With new advancements in mods, this will be of little consequence in the future ; )

Anyway! I've probably gone on for too long.

I hope you all have a fantastic day/night and I hope to speak to you all soon~

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