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mediafire Cotton Rainbow (NTSC-J)

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Genre: Third Person / Rail Shooter

Size (compressed): 601 MB

Size (uncompressed): 776 MB


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    • By leslie2007
      Hello NGR peeps!
      I have shared this theme before in VitaPiracy but I gues it wasn't successfully transferred here in NGR.
      Let me share my custom theme again. Some of the PS Vita Hacks Facebook members said this one is good for OLED screens for it does not use much light (dark colored)
      Anyway, feel free to comment and let me know if you got some ideas in mind. I'll keep you posted for my next theme as well...
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    • By 零.0
      All fonts from the Japanese font company Fontworks, used from your favorite Japanese games on various consoles.
      Folder Link:
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      All fonts are in an organized folder in ABC order, enjoy!