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Adrenaline not working after accidentally signing out of psn


Ok so I haven't been able to use adrenaline at all , and after trying to do my own research I still can't come across a solution. The issue started when I went into the settings, went to whatever menu that displays your psn  login and I signed out. The reason I did this is because, My buddy who I got the vita from made the psn "vitahack31"... Wasn't trying to go online with that name for obvious reasons. I can't remember if I updated to enso before or after (dont know if it matters) but after doing that it was over for adrenaline. Went back to the installer and the only options available were the last 3. Tried to repair the database. Nothing. I actually wasn't able to log back in initially.  I can't remember how I finally was able to log back in but still. Nothing. Any advice on this? Seen similar situations but the solutions didn't work for me. Thanks in advance

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Ok so i'm not too sure if i got all of that because my english sucks but.. a lot of apps needs to be needed for the new enso mod as it mods/updates a few kernel things iv been using the vita-AdrenalineEasyInstaller becuase im lazy Please login or register to see this link. you can use it to uninstall what ever version of adrenaline you have and reinstall with the new version that should works with enso...providing you still have the ePsp bubble thing :P

on the subject of the PSN it seems that sony updated the PSN to prevent firmware spoofing on the same day enso launched so everybody freaked out that they got blocked from PSN but sony block all spoofers regardless of enso but yeah as far as i'm aware we still dont have proper accuse to PSN and probably wont for awhile

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      I want to do this so I can only use a USB stick and eliminate the Sony Vita memory card from the equation. I know I can use usbmc to mount a USB only and run it as ux0:, but is it possible to mount the internal memory and then make the USB stick the second (so to speak, like a PC) "boot device" ?
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      First, Open MolecularShell or VitaShell on your Vita, and FTP over EVERYTHING from ux0. Every folder, every file, every single thing. The reason this is important, and in this tutorial, you'll be "replacing" your Vita Card with SD2Vita, and it'll be using it as it's core storage. So if you miss files, it can cause issues later down the road.
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      Imaging/Setting up the MicroSD Card
      First, plug in your MicroSD to USB with your MicroSD Card you've tested, and make sure it shows up. Do not start to move things over, we still have to format it.
      Open WinDisk Imager and load the zzBlank Image like so:  
      The path will be different for each person and where you've saved it.
      Press Write and wait until it's done.
      Unplug the USB Adapter, and plug it back in. Windows will say it needs to be formatted, hit "Format" - Make sure you follow this very carefully
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      Once it's done, unmount the USB Adapter, turn your Vita OFF, put your MicroSD Card into the SD2Vita, and plug it in, it should NOT push against any springs, or have any resistance, it'll just slide in. You might have to give it a little wiggle, but it'll fit.
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