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Hi everyone, 

i just got my vita about 4 weeks ago, after browsing around the internet, i managed to learn about installing games through vpks and maidump tool.

but the problem is that after installing, i also installed the patches and dlc for the game through maidump, even for main games that was installed through vpks in the first place

so i know that for games installed through maidump, you can install the patch and dlc through switching the loading mode in the maidump.

But what about the games installed through vpks? i tried to install the dlc through maidump and it doesn't load.

help and guidance needed. thanks!

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I have fully deleted the other post you made since it's an exact copy of this one.

I'm not knowledgeable about Vita, but hopefully someone who is so will notice this thread.

In the mean time, GL HF.

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Thanks and sorry, it's my first time posting and i didn't know.

i am still a newbie in the vita community and was hoping to get guidance from the experienced people here.

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Hey guys, 

After a while i found out a way to install dlcs for games which are installed via VPK.

hope after this anyone who gets stuck like me will no longer be confused about this.

1. Install the game through VPK like usual

2. install the update (patch) for the game NOT via Maidump, rather compress the update files into a VPK file and install it.

3. for the DLC, Create a folder called addcont_plain in Ux0: (if there isn't one, create it manually), and Remember, THIS IS NOT THE SAME AS 'addcont_mai'

3a. Put the DLC files in the addcont_plain folder, put it in a folder with the same folder name as the main vita game folder.

the path should look like this:

Ux0:/addcont_plain/[Game-ID]/(DLC folders here) 

hope this helps! 

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