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Definitely not Overwatch Pt.2 (Free to Play on Ps4)



For those who remember this thread :


I found something similar, Well I can't really say found because atm it's featured on PS4 store as free to play and there are 8.25 million players.

Isn't it obvious what they're copying... :kappa:



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Just to clarify Not Overwatch was already a thing on the PC since 16.09.2016 so my Definitive not Overwatch is newer than Paladins.

Tho if you are really on the cheap side Paladins isn't that bad i played it when it first launched so no idea if it still is decent for a F2P FPS.


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      Looks like ATLUS realized their streaming policy made a lot of people upset and offered an apology.  They toned the limitations down some as well.  Personally, the biggest aggravation I had was with Demon (Persona lol) Fusion, because I wanted to screenshot a good combo I discovered and use it later when I was higher level.  Did you guys think the policy was overdoing it?
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      Looks like Nintendo dominated the sales charts in March 2017 and outsold the PS4 (800K) and XB1 (500K), with the Switch selling over 906,000 units.  This subject seems to be dominating the video game news across the entire web. It was said to be the "fastest-selling video game system in Nintendo history".  All for Zelda, Breath of the Wild, it seems, since they sold over 925,000 copies of the new popular Zelda game, while only 460,000 Wii U copies were sold.  $83,100,000 alone for one game + the $271,800,000 made from the console?  Let's not forget the long line of people waiting to buy one still.  That's insane.  $354,900,000 made in March alone.  Bravo, Nintendo, bravo. O_O
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      My dream came true, and Blizzard unveiled their event and made a co-op campaign that further delves into Overwatch's rich backstory.  People laughed when I said Blizzard would do something like this, since it was "too much work" and "impossible to hope for". I can't wait to get back to them and get the "last laugh". Hehehe...
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