Decrypting PSV Updates Help (Official and PKG)

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I am fairly new to the PSV Hacking scene but have caught on pretty fast since this is similar to PSP, v/Wii/U, Android and iPhone hacking (been in these scenes before) and I've noticed that its hard to find up-to-date game updates/patches. I've tried downloading the updates/patches officially then trying to move them to ux0:/mai/ as "gameid_patch" but get an error (due to the update being signed to my account and not with the dumped game. I've also downloaded complete updates through the PC which I believe are unsigned since it comes in a complete package (XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.pkg) and doesn't require any type of information except the GAMEID. I've tried seeing many methods to try and open this .pkg file but had no luck, tried from PSP to PS3 pkg decrypters and even many little alternatives that could view the pkg; none of these methods worked, I even tried the fabled PKG Installer (v1, v2, v2.1 [These can be found by searching the internet and the supported files for thes are pkgs, not pkg). I was trying to see if someone has a way to remove the keys or just decrypt these files so the community can have a more up-to-date gaming experience. Any help is appreciated.

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