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How to Patch .bin save files with .ct file using Cheat Engine


I am trying to patch a .BIN save file retrieved from my PSVita using RinCheat with a .CT cheat file by CheatEngine.

Below are my steps:

1. Export Decrypted Save File via RinCheat

2. Copy 000.BIN save file from folder /ux0:/data/rinCheat/PCSE00755_SAVEDATA/ to Desktop

3. Open .CT file in Cheat Engine

3. Select 000.BIN save file using explorer

4. Select YES upon prompt to "Keep current list"

5. Change a value and close Cheat Engine (not prompted to save anything here)

6. Copy the same/edited(?) 000.BIN save file to folder /ux0:/data/rinCheat/PCSE00755_SAVEDATA/

7. Run game and import Decrypted saved file using RinCheat before loading game.

8. Cheat does not reflect in game

Please help, I have tried all ways and means but to no avail.

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