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Hi I'm Genjimaru X. Me and my friends got God Eater 1 & 2 for Vita, But we also have Phantasy Star Nova and Dot Hack Link english patch, as well as some other Japanese games we want to play multiplayer. Every-time we try we get the "You must update system software". Henkaku is just too good! Is there any way to bypass the update and play online with Henkaku? or Not?

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    • By hentaikun
      Hoy, i'm really puzzled, i have a main USA PSN account that was linked to my ps4 and my vita before i swapped the motherboard and installed henkaku. I did some research but i was unable to find conclusive data on the subject. All i found was we all have that chance since we modified the console, but i wanted to hear from yo people, if anyone had an experience like that. Also, do sony bans your whole account or it bans the console? Like in the xbox 360 case it was only the console online ID that got banned, i think the PS3 had the same treatment. Because i got a secondary account with no games and i could use that, also the ps3 had some neat ways to be safe online, got a few borderlands hacked saves that way.
    • By jia19
      I use vpk 1.1 for this game
      Please login or register to see this code.  
      Danganrompa Another Episode Ultra Despair Girls PCSB00788.psv
    • By ElVitaLibre

      Please login or register to see this spoiler. *NOTE: Game still uploading to Megas Folder. Please be patient.
    • By camadelean

      ID: PCSE00033
      Hi comunity, there is my update for the game Guacamelee, the game dump was made with MaidumpTool, the download includes:
      Base game Game update Version 1.04 (the latest one, and the only dump available on the web) DLCs (Diablo's Domain and Costume Pack)  
      Please login or register to see this link.
      Please login or register to see this link.
      Please login or register to see this link.
      Use Winrar to extrac downloaded files
      To install Base Game uses MaidumpTool - Put PCSE00033 inside mai folder
      To install Game Update - Move content inside PCSE00033_patch inside to game folder PCSE00033, accept files replace
      To Install DLC uses MaidumpTool - Put PCSE00033_addc inside mai folder, later with MaidumpTool change game mode to mode 5
      Happy download, Enjoy
    • By happydance
      After many days of trial and errors and testing finally got all bra to be invisible when character is on uniform, so here's V2 of my attempt to uncensored the game. I've tested the game and finished it, but not 100% so not really tested all the uniform clothes and alternate color for uniforms. So Let me know if the game freezes during a certain uniform or character wearing a specific clothes.

      What's included in the uncensor patch:
      • Removed Light censor
      • Removed Bar on "Creative Finisher: Windows Glass"
      • Removed Scroll on "Creative Finisher: Scroll Shelf"
      • Removed Lamp on "Creative Finisher: Tombstone"
      • Replaced Body texture to include nipples and privates (no hair)
      • Make Bra's invisible (Uniform only, so bra is invisible when uniform gets rips off or when wearing a lingerie) Bugs:
      • not really sure how to prevent nipple protrusion from sticking out off the clothes on Clothing break lv. 1
      • small breast has no nipple protrusion???
      Full game with mods Link: Please login or register to see this link.
      Patch only: Please login or register to see this link.
      Please login or register to see this spoiler.