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NGR Changelog

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NextGenRoms Changelog.
This changelog will be kept up to date by our staff as changes are made.


Week of March 15th - March 22nd of 2017

Website optimised for better speed and performance.

Icons of some forums updated.

VIP group now has a unique colour like other special groups.

Week of March 7th-March 14th of 2017

Changed "News" Categories to "Discussions".

New icon for Nintendo Switch.

Added hacking and homebrew for Nintendo Switch.

NGR Reddit is now online. Staff, please contact me for Admin perms on the Reddit.



Week of February 25-March 3rd of 2017.


VP$ will now be known as NGR Coins. Exchange rate if you want to exchange VP$ from VitaPiracy is: 2VP$ = 1 NGR Coin.

Imgur is now the only allowed image upload service. from hereon forth please use Imgur or other public image hosts that support https.

Added 2 new bronze awards. These awards will be granted automatically to users who meet the conditions specified.

NGR Coins store is now open. More products will be added soon. Please note if you want to purchase an item worth 3000 Coins you need at least 3001 coins in your account. 

Added a few more animated emojis.

Cloudflare was breaking NGR from time to time, Optimised settings to improve speed and prevent NGR from breaking.

Increased page width.

Chat message char. limit increased to 250 from 150.


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Actions Implemented

  • Yukiko promoted to Admin
  • Fixagel promoted to Moderator
  • Removed inactive Moderators from the Moderators usergroup and made them VIPs
  • NGR News Team usergroup created
  • Ravenstorm promoted to NGR News Team


Actions in progress

  • Revamping the RETRO / LEGACY CONSOLES sections
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Actions implemented

  • RETRO / LEGACY CONSOLES revamp completed
  • Requests sections added to the respective Console Categories
  • New sub-categories added
  • Sub-Categories titles modified
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Recent Actions Implemented

  • @RyouBakura has been added to the NGR Moderators Team
  • @Warlord Blade has been added to the NGR Moderators Team
  • @Avi has been added to the NGR Uploaders Team
  • Previous inactive Moderators were removed by myself and @Yukiko
  • Custom Titles feature reenabled, min post count is 10 then you will be able to set a custom title
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Recent Actions Implemented

  • Moderated the VIP usergroup
  • Removed any inactive VIPs who have not logged in the last 90 days
  • @DjMCvL has been added to the VIP group
  • @YuMe-iD has been added to the VIP group
  • Added missing staff recognition awards to the current VIPs listed
  • Removed staff recognition awards from previous and recently removed VIPs
  • Staff listing has been updated to reflect changes - Please login or register to see this link.
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