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PC Morrowind GOTYE Mods for XBOX

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For anyone interested, here is a lot of PC Morrowind mods that I have personally converted to work on the XBOX version.

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1. These are for use with the XBOX version of The Elder Scrolls Morrowind GOTYE

2. The Xbox only has 64MB of RAM so unless you've soldered additional XBOX ram to get 128 MB, then only use a few at a time.

3. Almost all of these mods are just ESP files but some have textures, meshes and things like that.

4. To install just add the .esp file to the Data folder in the Morrowind folder.

5. Any mods that have Textures, Meshes and things like that, just add or create those folders in the Data folder where Morrowind is, and place the files into those folders.

6. Unlike the PC version, there is no data launcher to select which mods you want activated, the XBOX version will automatically use all .esp files in the Data folder

7. Before the start of every game (Loading it up) Clear out all cache folders on the XBOX E, G, X, Y, Z


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