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discussion Is it me, or are PC games just boring now?

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17 minutes ago, watyermelon said:

@tlgamer You're talking about grammar, yet you've wrote things incorrectly multiple times.

I didn't write anything incorrectly. You're just too uneducated to grasp basic grammar comprehension, not too mention your outright refusal to use context even after you were told. Furthermore despite already having been told exactly how to read what was posted, here you are, still telling me how you want something I posted to be read. That alone just proves you're purposely going out of your way to pick arguments.

On a side note: It's kind of amusing how you can't even get basic context and comprehension to what was posted, and yet you continue to say what was posted is incorrect.

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@tlgamer You wrote "except" instead of accept, and you edited the message where you wrote "doens't" instead of doesn't. Including a bunch of other mistakes that you made earlier. If you're gonna be a grammar nazi, then do it f**king right. You're denying facts and you keep insisting that you're right, even though you're obviously wrong. Get a brain please, you hypocritical f**kface.

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    • By MobCat
      Ok so for awhile now I have been uploading all my cover art work and scans and pretty much any other image I wanted to post to Please login or register to see this link.
      Now I noticed that befoul I want on holidays the owner of the site owner (yeah the sight was run by on guy just so he could post pics in the internet and was only meant for him) had closed public uploads and you had to have a account to upload and you couldn't make a account so i was like ok ill email him when i get back but now I'm sorta back i noticed that the hole site is down and abort 95% of all the pics I had up there have been deleted so a lot of my post will not have cover art or scans when i get back properly I will go though all of my uploads and re-upload everything like I did when google kicked my off for being a bot. Please note all my download links should still work fine but please feel free to let me know if they don't but yeah this cover scan issue is unrelated to my links.
      Soo yeah when i get back properly I'm going to have to look at a new image uploading site and it be awesome if you guys had any suggestions
      But me me being me I have very pierce criteria for this site.
      A. It needs to be as clean and as quick as possible. Yeah drag'n'drop is nice but was just a simple ascii site with a simple upload button. with my shitty Australian internet I don't have time to wait around for a fancy html5 website to load only for it to time out when I'm trying to just upload a simple jpg
      B. Has to allow for file sized of around 10MB in size. most of my uncompressed scans are around 8~15MB so 10MB is a nice medium even know file size limit was 5MB but it was sorta a pain most of the time and it would be nice not to have to worry abort that anymore
      B.5. Has to allow of either unlimited uploads or anonymous uploads where they don't track how many things you have uploaded
      C. it must not mess or compress the image in any way. This one is going to be sorta hard to tell for most people but it's important to me.
      Some sites I have tested
      The cover scan im using for my test is my own scan that has almost no editing or resizing, i think it was only re-encoded as a jpg and thats all i did to it but this a typical size scan I upload for my post.
      It's size is 6400x4316 @ 8.33 MB
      Please login or register to see this link.
      Compresses images, bloated site
      After upload imgur re-sized the scan to 2560x1726 @ 918 KB
      Please login or register to see this spoiler.  
      And then there is literally any Please login or register to see this link. clone ever but that might be a deep dark rabbit hole I don't think i want to go down unless I have to...
      NGR direct
      This would work well as all my games already get uploaded there so I could upload the scans at the same time but we have to pass or the links from there through a link shortener and that shortener doesn't do file extension and theirs no way I can see to fix that without defeating the purpose of the shortener so I can't embed them (well I don't know how anyway) I could embed the raw link from NGR direct (the streaming link not the download link) but I would have to ask @Yukiko or @Djdragon44 if I'm allowed to do that.
      But yeah if you guys have any other suggestions please let me know
    • By fixagel
      Well that's it, what are you currently watching ?
      You can go with "im watching sakura" or give a lil review about what have you [not]enjoy so far, to maybe make us go and watch it too!.
      Im watching: Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni
      I gotta say at first kind of turn me down due to the -cute- anime style (that's until the guy grab the bat then shit start to happend), but the history actually caught me and made me want to know more about it, because is told in a curious way;
      The story goes in chapters (ie 4 episodes compose a chapter) the chapters tell the same story about the curse in the town, tell us something about it, or about those that where involve and then end around the day of the festival. And we continue into another chapter that start from the beginning (as nothing happend), but goes deeper into the story from a diferent point of view on the same setting but with differences, also as those chapters develop we know more about characters and the curse, which each chapter having diferent outcomes.
      Since the source of this animu is a visual novel, that explain why would we have to "replay" in order to grasp the whole story.

      I would recommend it if you want some mystery in your animu and like when things go crazy without a proper explanation (which in theory should be resolve later on the anime... I hope ) the bad thing is that as far I know it consist of two seasons with 26 episodes and some ovas. Long ones sometimes drag too long and get boring and tedious, I hope this is not the case.
    • By Axeo30
      So i didnt know this and somehow it doesnt suprise me. But there is a Live action Yakuza movie called Like a Dragon. Its cheesy as far as movies go but its in all the right ways. Its a condensed plot of the first Yakuza game. Came out in 2007 and if you look it up on Youtube it has english subs.
    • By Ravenstorm
      Please login or register to see this link.
      Saw the first ep last night. So far I'm not impressed. It could definitely go either way here. It was really boring though just explaining his new powers, but we'll see.
      Basically a well to do guy in his 30s is stabbed to death guarding his junior friend and (hey guess what) he got reincarnated as a "unique slime monster" with increasingly overpowered "skills" that a disembodied voice gives him before he dies. Then he befriends an powerful tsundere (male) storm dragon who just wants a friend. That's the entire first episode.
      My biggest complaint is that his voice went from masculine and cool to a high pitched chipmunk sounding voice as a slime. I think it was completely unnecessary and really hurt it.
      Please login or register to see this spoiler.