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  1. "Developer Ska Studios has posted a new blog post stating that they’re still hard at work on bringing the game over to the Vita, but are unable to give a firm release date or window just yet. However, they did state that they are targeting a March release, so Vita users may not have to wait too long for it after all."
  2. Johnnyboc

    Busted or bricked?

    I'd order a new wireless card
  3. Johnnyboc

    Unpack/Repack VPK files

    You should be able to change the vpk to a zip file to open and edit it, then save it as a vpk file to repackage it
  4. Johnnyboc

    Is my Vita bricked?

    I've never had a brick on a device before but have you tried to reboot it?
  5. Johnnyboc

  6. According to PC Magazine "Nintendo is offering rewards of between $100 and $20,000 in return for discovering vulnerabilities in the following areas: System vulnerabilities: Privilege escalation on ARM11 userland ARM11 kernel takeover ARM9 userland takeover ARM9 kernel takeover The Japanese company is also interested in vulnerabilities allowing access to the ARM11 userland through Nintendo-published applications, as well as hardware vulnerabilities that allow for "low-cost cloning" and "security key detection via information leaks." "