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  1. Thank you for this answer. Ok, so it is screwed with current Vita hack (Henkaku)... I feel sorry for those who bought the official game and wish to stay on 3.60.
  2. Hello everybody, The main problem with this online game is that it has very frequent update and patch size is beyond 10 GB! So, it was nearly impossible to follow it with Vitamin/MaiDump. However, the initial game size was decent (about 3 GB). Now that we have NoNpDRM, dumping the original game would be great! (the 10 GB update could be retrived from official Sony servers). Thank you for your help! EDIT: Forget it, I already got an answer, it is screwed...
  3. The main problem with this online game was too much frequent updates (nearly impossible to follow with Vitamin/MaiDump). Now that NoNpDRM exists (and allow official updates), would it be possible to get a direct dump from cartridge? Thank you for your help!
  4. Tested and it works fine. Thank you!
  5. Hello, It seems that 4.21 is out. Any chance for update? Thank you for your help .
  6. Tested on PS Vita and PlayStation TV (with AntiBlacklist), works fine on both systems For those who have a black screen on PlayStation TV after development studios credits, just wait enough time (about 1 minute).
  7. I just tried this game, it works fine. For those who are asking for the update, even if the game information dispays "1.00", when the game is started, it displays that it is the "1.30" version.