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  1. I watched on Internet if a update exists, and it seem than now. I think the 2.1.0 is a Easter eggs for remember than the game is a "MMORPG"
  2. so i looked the game. when im on the screen for launch my save , it said im in 2.1.0, but vitamin cant extract the update file from cardtrige. ill try ro instal maildump but promise nothing
  3. They're no risk than Sony is like "hey, you want update your game? Update your PS vita before " right? >~
  4. Yeah its a cartridge, sorry x.x was my first game with SAO HF
  5. Sorry, no update or dlc. I don't think they're dlc for SAO LS
  6. well in fact i totally forgot to put a password but thanks ! told me if the game work for you
  7. DOWNLOAD Summary: Sword Art Online: Lost Song features all-new Aerial Battles and an array of customization features. With an original story based on the ALfheim Online realm, fans will be able to play as Kirito or other key characters from Sword Art Online including Leafa and Asuna to explore Svart ALfheim, a brand new area of ALfheim Online. Players will also be able to create their own customizable avatar and experience co-op play with up to three other friends online.
  8. Hey ! i found an other alternative of VPKShrink ! It's called FTP Vita Installer . It's still the beta, but i succeed to install Disgea4 and J-Stars Victory VS+ ! (the ones from the mega thread) ! all is explained in the ftpvitainstaller-c-sharp.exe ! here the github link ! https://github.com/Llop1s/FTP-PSVita-VPK-Installer If you want i can make a tutorial about it too ^^
  9. Hey from France!

    Thanks !
  10. Hoy people! So let me introduce myself. I'm actually a student in a IT University, in computer science. I study near of the more famous IA research center (yeah, our Teachers are from here)! I'm first year, and already know some of C++, Java and Python! That's all about me!