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  1. Banned for bring activity back to this thread
  2. Reminds me of Felix the Cat for some reason
  3. ***UPDATE*** 08/14/2017 - 50 more games added. More to come...
  4. Then you'll definitely enjoy my no-intro sets
  5. Hello @miqrojamie! Welcome to NGR community. It is nice to see peeps who still "value" the retro era. It is nice to experience the roots of what started it all. I hope you enjoy you stay here with us, but most importantly have fun
  6. http://roms.ga/XRu5g
  7. http://roms.ga/uAoY3
  8. http://roms.ga/E9zR3
  9. http://roms.ga/Opb1a
  10. http://roms.ga/VtlEn
  11. http://roms.ga/3iETT