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  1. Lord Valarion

    New Admin - fixagel

    Hello NGR Community! Please welcome the newest addition to the NGR Administrative Team... fixagel https://nextgenroms.com/profile/3152-fixagel/ @[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]
  2. Are you able to see it now? You had to vote or reply to view it.
  3. Lord Valarion

    The Abandoned Witch Legacy joins NGR

    Welcome to NGR Please enjoy your stay here with us
  4. Lord Valarion

    Hey there!

    Welcome to our community. It is great to have you here. Please enjoy your stay here with us but most importantly have fun :)
  5. Lord Valarion

    This place is awesome !

    Welcome to NGR!
  6. Lord Valarion

    Grant -A- Wish...denied

    Such a classic
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  12. pfft.... 16 year old boy... hormones through teh roof... walks into class room... sees this: wut do...
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