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  1. game What are you doing right now?

    Eating Waffles while catching up on posts on NGR
  2. brandvegn

    Welcome to NGR! Enjoy your stay here with us!!
  3. Forgot to introduce myself

    @Axeo30 Welcome to NGR! Please enjoy your stay here with us, but most importantly have fun!
  4. Welcome to NGR mate! Enjoy your stay here with us and have fun. P.S. You may wanna hide your cookies.. Raven likes to jack cookies -Val
  5. Working on Revenant Saga (hard mode) PS4
  6. humour Famous NGR quotes

    That's what she said?
  7. Got this for the PS4 https://www.playstation.com/en-us/games/iam-setsuna-ps4/ At first i originally purchase it for Steam and tried play it on my PC.. nothing better installing the damn thing and getting SETUNA.EXE stopped responding... and won't launch. Got a refund and downloaded the PS4 version.
  8. humour Famous NGR quotes

    NGR now haz doctors...
  9. Worms Armageddon (USA)(Redump)

    @MobCat Yea, during that time, i couldn't find an acceptable NTSC-U cover so I just placed a PAL back cover so it gives some description on what the game is about. Just found a NTSC cover so I updated this thread with the correct cover, as for the PAL cover, having the spine and lip is rare, I find that have more luck with the NTSC covers than PAL covers to include that... I did find one here but the lang is not english I get my covers from here - http://psxdatacenter.com/ntsc-u_list.html There is a pal tab on the top Also sometimes I find them on Moby Games - http://www.mobygames.com/browse/games/playstation/list-games/ And I normally enlarge them via imgur to at least 800 x ###
  10. Best intro on the site

    @jezzymods lol registered in 2016 into in 2018... better late than never! Either way. Thanks for the intro.. now post more.. you have some catching up to do!
  11. Hello NGR Community, There has seemed to be an increase in forum registrations that used disposable email providers to register an account here that have caught my attention. Here at NGR we have a ZERO TOLERANCE policy on disposable emails being used for NGR user registrations and that account will be banned permanently. I am currently in the process of banning hundreds of accounts that have violated this policy. If you are guilty of this violation, please PM one of the Admin Staff: @[email protected]@Super [email protected]@Lord Valarion and communicate that you have violated this policy. NOTE: No displinary action will be carried out against you if you communicate this to us, but we will expect you to correct this error and update your email to a legit email provider. I highly recommend that you do this before I get to your account and initiate the bitch slap. For those that think they can slip through the cracks, we will find you, you have been warned... -The NGR Admin Team
  12. Ape Escape (USA)(Demo)(Redump)

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  13. [Hidden Content]
  14. Best Buy Demo CD (USA)(Demo)(Redump)

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