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  1. Self-explanatory, really. If I had to pick a realistic game, I would have to say Sonic Adventure 2 Battle or Ultra Street Fighter IV. The former is a game we've all played a lot in the past and I know Sonic Mania would be a more logical choice given it's young age, but I feel SA2 has more to offer your average PS Vita owner in regards to their desire to have console-like experiences on a handheld. What do you guys think would make for great ports? Perhaps some of the cancelled games like Zone of the Ender HD Collection?
  2. Vita Queen

    [NoNpDRM] J-Stars Victory VS+

    Either that member is psychic or saw my request and decided to dump the game. Thank you for the heads up.
  3. Vita Queen

    [NoNpDRM] J-Stars Victory VS+

    Hello everyone, I would like to request a dump of J-Stars Victory VS+. It doesn't even have a MaiDump yet, so I figured this would be the perfect opportunity to suggest we create a backup of this game.
  4. It's an interesting update and a good forward step in regards to piracy. However, I believe we've now done everything people could want at this point. Adrenaline is basically perfect, MaiDumpTool is basically perfect, and we have had external storage for a while now. What's left that would excite people besides cracking the higher firmwares? Don't get me wrong. As you all know, I'm not one of "those" kinds of people that are so hellbent on wanting to play 3.61+ games that it's all they can talk about. However, I think there's been enough sidetracking, detours, and deviations at this point. I'm not saying it's easy to accomplish doing this or I'm not grateful for anything thus far. It's simply what I think is the next logical step.
  5. Vita Queen

    UPPERS! Translation Project

    Oh my God, you have no idea how long I've waited for a continued translation of this game to be made. Consider me excited.
  6. It would be nice if someone uploaded a MaiDump of this game. It has a Vitamin version but you all know I have an inherent dislike of using Vitamin for various obvious, perfectly understandable reasons.
  7. Whoops, my bad. I was in a huge hurry since I had to do something when I made that post. At least what I said was factual. I'm glad it worked for you.
  8. @Gururaj11 From what my research tells me, the game is prone to errors from black screens to C2-12828-1 prompts. People keep saying that MaiDump doesn't work with the game and that Vitamin 2.0 dumps must be used. Go ahead and use this instead. People have said it has worked for them. If you don't know how to install Vitamin dumps, then simply install them how you would any other VPK by using Vita Shell.
  9. A new version of Adrenaline is available. The changes are the following: A bug was fixed in which the recovery menu wouldn’t open if you pressed the R trigger when you opened Adrenaline Fixed an issue with the memory card mounting routine to avoid some savedata corruption The incorrect scaling of some PSX games with the PSTV is corrected
  10. A new version of HENkaku has been released. Here are the changes: Moved files to ur0:tai, can run without memory card on original Vitas now If molecularShell is removed manually, will not attempt to reinstall by default Support loading plugins from ur0:tai/config.txt if ux0:tai/config.txt cannot be found If you are using Ensō, you must redownload the installer and reinstall configuration in order to use the new path
  11. Vita Queen

    [Request] The Amazing Spider-Man

    You don't have to download all the files in the torrent. If you want to try the Maidump version in the torrent then get a program called Deluge and then download the torrent. You'll be able to select which files you want to download.
  12. Hello everyone, Anyone who has played Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention on the PSTV will know how utterly annoying the Honor Quotient prompt is. It will appear every couple of minutes regardless if you're in cutscene or playing the game. Thankfully, a user by the name of "patbz" from the VitaPiracy Reddit shared a code for RinCheat and GoHANmem that will turn it off altogether. RinCheat: #Turn off HQ function @0x81A7DC2A @0x00 @1 GoHENmem: #Turn off HQ function @0x81A7DC2A @1 @00 There are a few things to know about though. Here's a direct quote from patbz for your convenience: These offsets only work on the EU PCSB00098 version of the game, I do not know if they will work on any other regions. If you use the code during the first chapter of the game, every time you talk to Geoffrey he will display his "what is the honor quotient" dialogue and turn back on the HQ function again, either re-enable the code or freeze the value to keep the HQ function turned off. After chapter 1 is finished, it appears Geoffrey will no longer force the HQ function back on again when you speak to him so after you save your game from chapter 2 on-wards you should no longer need to keep the code activated. Needless to say this removes the HQ function from the game completely and I do not know if there are any unforeseen consequences further in the game since I am only at chapter 2 - but I think turning off HQ is a small price to pay to disable the error message pop-ups and being able to play on the PS TV.
  13. Vita Queen

    [Request] The Amazing Spider-Man

    Hello, Instead of installing an outdated VPK, try using the Maidump from the realshotgun torrent here. We've all used the torrent including myself, so you have my word that it's safe.
  14. Vita Queen

    Starting Fresh?

    I thought of something else. Is there a need for the Solved Requests section? It serves the purpose of telling someone who is using the search feature that the request has already been fulfilled. However, at the same time, they'll see the the game they're looking for, so is there any actual point? In other words, all the section does is clutter up their search results when looking for a a game. Furthermore, if they don't see it then they can make a thread as normal. I suggest we remove it and all solved requests are deleted a week after the request has been solved. It will remove a section from the forum which will tidy things up and also remove unnecessary search results which will also tidy things up.
  15. Vita Queen

    Starting Fresh?

    The exceptions would be a few of the newer threads we have in the section. We'll edit them accordingly including adding the proper prefixes.