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  1. [MEGA] Metal Gear Solid HD Collection [EUR][mai233.2zEx][TNW]

    In this particular case, it look like this tool doesn't realize .psp2arc is an archive file. It probably just ran a simple binary search without even uncompressing files inside this archive, which is why false alarm happened.
  2. [MEGA] Metal Gear Solid HD Collection [EUR][mai233.2zEx][TNW]

    That tool raises false alarms sometimes. This dump was posted by meyoussoufi on reddit 2 weeks ago. He's a frequent uploader there. Lots of people tested this dump already. I installed this dump when he first posted it. It's a good dump except you can't save in 2 old MSX Metal Gear games bundled inside MGS 3. https://www.reddit.com/r/VitaPiracy/comments/56q4ng/pcsb00118_metal_gear_s_hd_collection_v2332zex/
  3. The fact that the initial version of malware was completely unencrypted and now with simple string replacement made me believe the whole thing was created by some kids with fairly basic programming skills, not by pros. Almost all modern day PC viruses & malwares encrypt their payloads to avoid detection by AV software.
  4. Thanks for the new tables.
  5. I vote for "Family Guy/American Dad" .
  6. Update: c0d3m4st4 (https://twitter.com/c0d3m4st4) just added safety check to his VPKTool utility program: https://twitter.com/c0d3m4st4/status/782395624037711872. There were two malicious dumps submitted to /r/VitaPiracy on reddit recently that can permanently brick Vita. It basically remounts os0 and vs0 as read/write and then wipes out their contents which contains Vita's OS. The two malicious dumps are "Fruit Ninja [uS] [TESTED] [MAIDUMP]" and "kung fu rabbit - tested working - maidump v233.2z8". /r/VitaPiracy has issued a warning here: https://www.reddit.com/r/VitaPiracy/comments/55farx/community_warning_there_have_been_two_separate/ Reddit user "realshotgun" provided a simple way to check new dumps for suspicious behavior for the time being: This is essentially the first Vita malware and will for sure evolve in the future to make detection even harder, such as encrypting the malicious payload. All Henkaku users should be aware and get homebrew & game dumps from reliable sources.
  7. 【MEGA】【Tearaway】【EU-TNW】

    I tried this VT 2.0 dump and can confirm that it works well on my Vita slim. However it crashes at the title screen on a Vita TV with C2-12828-1 error. I guess that's because it need to use gyroscope and camera even at the title screen, both of which are missing on Vita TV.
  8. It's the same VT 1.0/1.1 dump. It was mislabeled on its source at http://www.radikal-gamez.net/threads/assassins-creed-chronicles-vita-2-0-usa-up-mg-upt-team-potato.25172/.
  9. Thanks . Btw, its actually "Stranger's Wrath", not "Strangler's Wrath". Although wrath probably can turn someone into a strangler .