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  1. LunaticShock


    I definitely need this.
  2. LunaticShock

    Inconsistent Experiences Within the Community...

    Maybe is subjective, like "I don't care of a frame rate drop... or just didn't notice them" if you play a game on 60 FPS with Ver sync and all of that, the switch to 30 fps + Frame Rate Drop is notable, I simply don't care I love handhelds (I have a PSP, a PSVITA and a 3DS, and looking forward to buy the Nintendo Switch) and no game (except for attack on titan, that FR drops are evident) give me an unconfortable gameplay experience.
  3. LunaticShock

    Last stage of Henkaku found!

    Hell yeah, let's go: (.cl? that is from Chile lol, that's the country where I live, in South America)
  4. LunaticShock

    Last stage of Henkaku found!

    Let the real fun begin!
  5. LunaticShock

    PS Vita Games USB

    That was exactly what I was doing! I'ts so nice that qCMA actually let you save that dumped copies.
  6. I installed Minecraft v1.0, so I decided to update it via this turorial to 1.33. After that my system was showing 500 mb aprox. of "Other" Content and I just figured out that my game was still 200 mb (the 1.0 size) and the update was that "Other" content that my system was showing. If anyone was wordering what does that "Other" content mean, it could be the Dumped updates that you have installed. EDIT: I found a solution for this bug, just copy the game through qCMA to the PC and delete it from the Vita, then copy it back. This will let you check if the "Other" Content in your system is actually the Updates.
  7. LunaticShock


    It's Cuz $ONY :v
  8. LunaticShock

    Hi there!

    Hi, I am LunaticShock, I'm glad to see how Vita is getting attention right now I would like to help, but I only know the basics of C and python, so yeah I'm [YET] kinda useless as a developer right now, Thats all I can tell you about me for now, this is my huge "HELLO!" to the community . Thanks for reading~