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  1. I have learned kana and some kanji some time ago, but then life got into way and I had to stop my language pursuits. I have started learning again a couple months ago when I got Minna no Nihongo as a gift. I have been using that and Tae kim's guide for learning grammar, anki decks for vocab and kanji. I am currently trying to play metroid zero mission and reading yotsubato in japanese and it is going slow... but it is going, so I am excited!
  2. I've wanted to learn Japanese since I was a little kid and watched my first episode of Pokemon. In recent months, a dream turned into reality and I started. But there is so much to learn and so little time...
  3. Hey guys, anyone? Been looking forward to this for months and then they bamboozled me by making it US only. So, pretty please?
  4. Hey there

    I am Aranni and I hate to introduce myself. Also, I have a newly acquired knack for visual novels, so if anyone knows of any, GIVE THEM TO ME! please.