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  1. I have learned kana and some kanji some time ago, but then life got into way and I had to stop my language pursuits. I have started learning again a couple months ago when I got Minna no Nihongo as a gift. I have been using that and Tae kim's guide for learning grammar, anki decks for vocab and kanji. I am currently trying to play metroid zero mission and reading yotsubato in japanese and it is going slow... but it is going, so I am excited!
  2. I've wanted to learn Japanese since I was a little kid and watched my first episode of Pokemon. In recent months, a dream turned into reality and I started. But there is so much to learn and so little time...
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    I am Aranni and I hate to introduce myself. Also, I have a newly acquired knack for visual novels, so if anyone knows of any, GIVE THEM TO ME! please.