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  1. Abandoned Witch for NGR

    mega Headhunter Redemption (NTSC-U/C)

    Thanks for this, I am going to play this game after I am finished with the first Headhunter game.
  2. Abandoned Witch for NGR

    mega Headhunter (NTSC-U/C)

    Thank you!!
  3. I am requesting for the PS2 version of Headhunter and its sequel Headhunter Redemption. I played the Dreamcast version of Headhunter and I remembered I played the PS2 version of Headhunter 10 years ago.
  4. Abandoned Witch for NGR

    mediafire Cotton Rainbow (NTSC-J)

    Thank you! This is actually the sequel to Panorama Cotton.
  5. Abandoned Witch for NGR

    Rent-A-Hero No. 1 (JAP)

    In the format that Chankast supports (CDI).
  6. Abandoned Witch for NGR

    Bullet Witch

    Requesting for the game Bullet Witch NTSC-U version.
  7. Abandoned Witch for NGR

    mega.nz Seven Mansions: Ghastly Smile - (JPN) (CDI) (Full English Patch)

    Thanks for this. Btw the original Nanatsu no Hikan was actually a PC/Mac game from 1995.
  8. Abandoned Witch for NGR

    Rent-A-Hero No. 1 (JAP)

    I am requesting for the Dreamcast original version of Rent-A-Hero No. 1. The unreleased English Xbox version is on the Xbox section but I am requesting for the Dreamcast original.
  9. Abandoned Witch for NGR

    Multiple PS3 games request (NTSC-U/C)

    By the appointment of the Witchrose, we are requesting for the following PS3 games (USA version, and in English) *The Call of Duty games released for PS3 (USA version) with DLC *The Uncharted Trilogy (USA version) *Fracture *Legendary: The Box *Resonance of Fate *Turning Point Fall of LIberty And two Japanese games: *Mist of Chaos (NTSC-J) *Homefront (NTSC-J, Completely different story from the Western one)
  10. Abandoned Witch for NGR

    BlindWrite cracked

    Requesting for VSO software Blindwrite 7 fully cracked.
  11. Abandoned Witch for NGR

    The Abandoned Witch Legacy joins NGR

    After years of suffering we finally moved to the Next Generation. Hello to all the NGR officers and the team, We are the Abandoned Witches (alongside Witchrose/Alicerozen) and we landed after so many years. The reason we joined NGR is because of WitchRose/Alicerozen's conspiracies with the PS3 uploads on the other site being PAL 50hz (She likes NTSC games and her favorite Youtubers are American) so we joined NextGenRoms. This site will fill our need for NTSC-UC PS3 games that didnt come to another site as well as for other platforms. Thanks for understanding and I hope NGR wont end up in a lawsuit by Nintendo unlike that blue site. ABANDONED WITCH WILL SHINE FOR ALL!