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  1. these games > Tales of Hearts R and Tales of Innocence R. i just need some progress in the game, it does not matter how far you are in the games. if any of you in this forum have some save states of any of those games i listed, please share them with me. thank you.
  2. DLC + Update with MaiDumpTool?

    i have tried the mai tool to copy update and dlc , the way i did it was as follows: i only changed the folder name of the update folder to 'gameid_patch' , and for DLC content i renamed the folder to 'gameid_addc' < you do it this way and you copy the folders into the 'mai' folder , and with the latest maitool app you just have to go to select install patch and it will locate it automatically and you press O to install it , same goes for DLC. i noticed that it pushed the files directly into the ux0/app/gameid (in here it copied the patch/update content, and also as for dlc, it made a 'dlc' folder and in it is the dlc content)