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  1. BigNose Shinrei Jusatsushi Taroumaru [NTSC-J]

    Ey! Gonna try that and I´ll let you know👍
  2. BigNose Shinrei Jusatsushi Taroumaru [NTSC-J]

    Hey! Thanks for the answer. Yes, Toast Titanium fails to load the cue sheet when there are many files. It works with just one bin file and the cue sheet but in cases like this, no luck so far. For example, Shining Force 3 is one main bin track, one second track and the cue file and it just doesn´t work. It gives an error message "can´t load cue file" or "can´t find bin file" or something like that. No other program seems to work either. I was considering even installing XP again 😂
  3. BigNose Shinrei Jusatsushi Taroumaru [NTSC-J]

    Hi! I´m currently trying to burn the game but no luck so far. I´m on MacOS. Could anyone tell me of a program that might work or maybe upload it again in Bin/Cue format but with just two tracks? Toast Titanium just can´t handle when there are so many tracks. Thanks in advance!
  4. Played from start to end on a modded Saturn. Works like a charm.
  5. BigNose

    Broken Link/Non-Working Games Saturn

    Hi! I´ve already posted in the thread but it seems that this is the right place to do so. Dragon Force 2 freezes when you first go to the main map (not the character choose screen). I´m currently playing in a modded Saturn. Just in case someone can tell me if it has happened to them too. Thank you!
  6. Hi! Thanks for the upload. I can´t get it to work on my modded Saturn. It freezes when you go to the map screen for the first time during the play. Has anyone else tried? Thanks a lot in advance
  7. Could you please explain the differences? Thanks