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  1. thank you for this....robotron!
  2. Never heard of this one but I love survival horror. Thank you! edit: weird mega connection drop, I'll try later
  3. Rusty K

    Two-Tenkaku (NTSC-J)

    Never heard of this shmup-awesome! cheers
  4. Rusty K

    mediafire Cotton Rainbow (NTSC-J)

    thanks once again...and data/data cdi is much very much appreciated from a mac user. cheers.😊
  5. !Love your posts-cheers!
  6. Have some twinbee for thePSP but it sure would be nice to play on a big screen with a real controller-thanks a lot!
  7. Man, this era of gaming had so many off-the-wall and innovative titles-thanks for posting!
  8. Rusty K

    DoDonPachi (NTSC-J)

    holy crap, it burned!! Thanks so much for this (mac user❤️single .bins)!
  9. Rusty K

    dropbox Panzer Bandit (NTSC-J)

    Any game "inspired" by a Treasure" title has to be, at least, pretty good Edit: this is *really* good