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  1. [MEGA] Rocketbirds [Mai] [TNW]

    i already posted the needed files with latest mai , the other data doesn't change with any version of dumper , vitamin or any version of maidump all you have to do is merge the 2 files by replacing the eboot/suprx(the first version is a complete game if you don't want to change anything) and install it
  2. [MEGA] Rocketbirds [Mai] [TNW]

    it's already there..why do you need another dump?
  3. [MEGA] Rocketbirds [Mai] [TNW]

    here is the eboot dumped with latest mai https://mega.nz/#!MF123LBQ!LOQ3fm79IWyO ... A81laqtc_8
  4. [MEGA] Rocketbirds [Mai] [TNW]

    it's not a problem i posted this on pspiso like 40 days agao , and anybody can test it with those tools i will dump the eboot and suprx files and attach them here if anybody wants them the file is really safe , but whatever , i understand that behavior since those bricked games that appeared lately
  5. [MEGA] Rocketbirds [Mai] [TNW]

    i don't think so , but if you just need the eboot and suprx files dumped , then it's possible
  6. [MEGA] Rocketbirds [Mai] [TNW]

    because it was dumped with the first version of mai
  7. since nobody uploaded this game , here is it , dumped using mai , enjoy https://mega.nz/#!5ZUklCoK!qNr2QuzZSCy0ymvKorJcbaeeE52QzletaVpc7czsloY [mod=Elyseux]eBoot not marked as safe New link upload by zepam[/mod]