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  1. ElTacoDestroyer

    game FREE GAME The Great Story of a Mighty Hero Remastered

    how you think my 1.7ghz will handle this ?
  2. ElTacoDestroyer

    Rent-A-Hero No. 1 (JAP)

    GDI or CDI?
  3. aourdhw8xif11.jpg

    My custom printed poster for ssb.


  4. Now I want to play this. ...just need some friking storage expansion...
  5. With a jailbroken PS3 bakwards copatible can I play PS2 and PSX .iso files or is there some other trickery involved. I plan to buy a PS3 soon - Definitely want the CECHA model. And I don't know where else to ask...
  6. Description: Compressed: 135 MB Size On Disk: 751 MB
  7. ElTacoDestroyer

    Marvel VS Capcom 2 (Dreamcast)

    Will do. Come morning. Phone is at 10% atm and I'm about to go to bed just popping in before.
  8. ElTacoDestroyer

    Marvel VS Capcom 2 (Dreamcast)

    For those who don't know. My images are my links. It's a - Mega.nz .cdi file
  9. ElTacoDestroyer

    Marvel VS Capcom 2 (Dreamcast)

  10. ElTacoDestroyer

    The Abandoned Witch Legacy joins NGR

    @Abandoned Witch for NGR Welcome to NGR. on a side note I feel like re-watching The Autopsy of Jane Doe for some reason.
  11. ElTacoDestroyer

    Complete noob to restoring Vita (Enso 3.65)

    I'm on 3.68 but you can ask the official help chat. Wouldn't hurt to put your question out to asmany people as possible. irc://chat.freenode.net/henkaku
  12. ElTacoDestroyer

    Adobe After Effects CS5 [or CS5.5] (64-bit)

    Adobe After Effects CC 2019 v16 ?? CS5 was released April 30, 2010 it's been awhile. . .
  13. ElTacoDestroyer

    discussion What are you doing right now?

    I was working on a rather extensive .cia virtual console project. Realising it was 2am I decided to browse ngr before passing out for the night. Should be done tomorrow.... which is technically today..... but yeah. Nighty Night NGR. 《♡》
  14. ElTacoDestroyer

    This place is awesome !

    Welcome to the party dood!