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  1. Seems to look right now. Thank you. Still wondering why it gets all fancy on ePSXe, though.
  2. When I downloaded the iso for the game, it ran normally, but the large text (such as on the file select screen and bestiary) was different. It looks more stylized, but it's also wider and causes things like this image (link below) where the text for checking the card is cut off by the screen border and several bestiary entries to have incorrect spacing and periods. I don't know if it's the emulator (ePSXe 2.0.5) since the same issue persists through every copy of the iso I try (they all seem to be ripped from the original release and not the Greatest Hits copy). I was hoping somebody here might offer an explanation
  3. Myetche

    Looking for Mega Man X6 (USA) (1.1)

    I got it. Thanks.
  4. Myetche

    Looking for Mega Man X6 (USA) (1.1)

    Well, I'm not seeing it, either. EDIT: Actually, another Google run turned up the copy I needed. Thanks for the help regardless.
  5. I had found a hack for this game that I really want to run, but it only works with the USA 1.1 release and it's highly-recommended to get the "redump" version. My searching led here, but while I see it on the catalog, I'm not finding it here for download and I was hoping somebody could help me figure this out.
  6. Myetche

    Uh... hi.

    I probably won't post much if at all as I'm really here in search of a specific game, but I don't want to seem like a leech and figured I should at least say hello.