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  1. ArchAngel9690

    Darkest Dungeon (PCSE00919) modded patch

    I should have it up shortly,thanks for the help!
  2. ArchAngel9690

    Darkest Dungeon (PCSE00919) modded patch

    I'm so blind ryo, it's literally right there on my mega app saying get link. I use it a lot and I never noticed lol
  3. ArchAngel9690

    Darkest Dungeon (PCSE00919) modded patch

    Shout out to the guy on Reddit who got me to look into this with his not so detailed patch he made. Gonna see what other games I can do this to also
  4. Made a modded patch for DD. There isn't any way to use cheats in game so I made it a lil easier to get gold, items stack to 99,gold stacks higher in dungeons and stage coach can be maxed out easier. I also modded some of the heroes skills. It will be posted later provided I can get someone to msg me how to set up a link to a download since I can't just post it up here. Hope you guys like it though I have tested it personally so no worries. I have all the dlc and newest patch installed. I'll post specifics when I get told how I can link the download to this post
  5. Been trying to find them but I got several other games I'm working on too
  6. ArchAngel9690

    PS Vita Resolution Mod MEGATHREAD

    Hey shino has anyone tried this with adrenaline? I've been trying to figure out how to get it's graphics closer to PPSSPP in visual quality. Send me a message sometime I'd appreciate it if youd let me hear you're ideas on the matter
  7. ArchAngel9690

    Fate/Extella the umbral star

    I will be posting codes for this here. I should have them ready by tomorrow or the day after. Please be patient and wait. I would rather give you all more than the 3 or 4 I have already,than have to post them all in batches PS: I do take requests but please don't bomb my inbox asking repeatedly. Thank you in advance for your patience 😎
  8. ArchAngel9690

    [Request]PCSE00940 - TOUKIDEN 2 (CHEATS)

    And all the lists online no longer have any working links sadly. I was going to post my codes up but you beat me to it lol I have field item address though if you don't like for items you picked up. Whatever you do don't modify material in your chest it causes items to disappear.
  9. ArchAngel9690

    [Request]PCSE00940 - TOUKIDEN 2 (CHEATS)

    Babroos any success with npc outfits? I've been trying every I'd one at a time and still can't find any weapon or armor ID's
  10. ArchAngel9690

    [Re-release] Gundam Breaker 3 PCSH00208

    PCSH00208- Gundam Breaker 3 Version 1.30 _V0 Gp Max $0200 81E08EB0 05F5E0FF $0200 831F2FDC 05F5E0FF _V0 LQ PLASTIC-9999 $0100 81E88EB0 0000270F $0100 831FCC60 0000270F _V0 PLASTIC-999 $0100 81E88EB0 0000270F $0100 831FCC62 0000270F _V0 HQ PLASTIC-9999 $0100 81E88EB0 0000270F $0100 831FCC64 0000270F _V0 LQH PLASTIC-9999 $0100 81E88EB0 0000270F $0100 831FCC66 0000270F _V0 HARD PLASTIC-9999 $0100 81E88EB0 0000270F $0100 831FCC68 0000270F _V0 HQH PLASTIC-9999 $0100 81E88EB0 0000270F $0100 831FCC6A 0000270F _V0 LIMIT BREAKER-9999 $0100 81E88EB0 0000270F $0100 831FCC6C 0000270F Sorry for the late posting, been busy with other codes and some life stuff. But they all work so enjoy! (Change all those 0100 to 0200 my bad)
  11. I'll see what I can do, already planned on it for myself
  12. ArchAngel9690

    [Re-release] Gundam Breaker 3 PCSH00208

    Ok I had to update my game so I have to re run codes, gimme a few hours and I'll repost them Sorry for the confusion but It was already supposed to be on 1.30 >.<
  13. ArchAngel9690

    [Re-release] Gundam Breaker 3 PCSH00208

    Working codes will be up soon, having to chase down second line to codes. Those are correct, but all have 2 lines of code not 1. I can't find values for in-battle status so probably won't have those. Gp and plastics will be up later today, might have ability cubes too but no promises.
  14. ArchAngel9690

    [REQUEST] Gundam Breaker 3

    He's missing the second line of code to those cheats, his values are the same as mine. I'll post them when I finish chasing them all down T.T
  15. ArchAngel9690

    [REQUEST] Gundam Breaker 3

    Alright, also working on Digimon next order. But then I got gb3 and have been addicted since lol, I got money and plastics so far but the cubes take forever to get so it's taking a minute T.T