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  1. Could someone please upload all the P4D DLCs. They need to be compatible with nonpdrm And i have already checked NPS browser but it doesnt have ALL the dlc for the game. Only a few. Does anyone have all of the dlc? if so could you upload it please?
  2. So i started playing SAO hr and ive got Accel world vs sao, next on my list of games to play. And i know that both games have online multiplayer. So i wanted to ask if anyone wants to play? i just went into the SAO Hollow realization Duel mode and Union mode lobbies and they are dead. No one is playing from what i have seen? Is anyone still playing online? And how is Accel world vs sao? the online lobbies i mean? Mods feel free to move the thread, if i placed it in the wrong place. Sorry.
  3. Im playing on Henkaku 3.65 via PSN spoofing. With henkaku, i downloaded the latest SAO HR vita patches and then connected to wifi when i was in game. Then went to MP and logged into PSN in game and then i was into MP lobby.
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    Vitamin compatibility list

    This list is from sm 0-0