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  1. Is the english dump out yet?
  2. Downloaded it TWICE and got "archive is corrupt" error
  3. Totally downloading this app. Worth it just for showing off alone.
  4. Could i request 2 games to be uploaded please? Final Fantasy X HD Norn 9 Var Commons both in English
  5. could you upload ff x hd too google drive please?
  6. i have a 16gb vita card too. We dont need to use vita organiser.We just need to use vita shell since our cards arent 4gb. Also could you reupload the game to gdrive? i really want to download this but mega is terrible in my country and on my phone.
  7. You have to discuss with ineedfiles directly to discuss the what it is he is referring ti because he is the one who brought it up. But ultimately you were concerned about confirmation for the games that are working and I have already answered this concern. THIS!!! Please @oldskl upload FF X HD Undubbed to Google Drive! Please i beg you. Mega really sucks for people with phones and no home internet
  8. This list is from sm 0-0