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  1. Hello, I would like to know if there is some way or application which can backup your Vita so that if you ever brick it - you can restore from there. Just to be on the safe side. Thank you for the response.
  2. Nino_Z

    Status of PS Vita Dumps...

    Would it be possible for someone to upload the Jack and Daxter games (1, 2, 3) again? The ones in the Mai dump collection page have dead links. I would be very grateful!
  3. Nino_Z

    Mai better than Vitamin?

    Another reason I like VPKs is because I can make them safe with 1 click in Vitaorganizer. Can one do this with Mai dumps?
  4. Nino_Z

    Mai better than Vitamin?

    So I see the there are less and less vitamin dumps. I find them easy to install (I just use vitaorganizer). So is Mai better than Vitamin? If yes, is there a way to install these dumps with just Vitaorganizer like vpk ones? Thanks for the info!
  5. Can I just use vitaorganizer to make it safe - does this actually provide enough protection? Also - do vitashell, molecularshell etc get damaged if I make them safe (I mean - use the VitaOrganizer function to make applications safe)? I am assuming that they actually need access to the system files. Anyone have an idea?