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  1. @Lambada Download storagemgr.skprx and storage_config.txt from HERE and do the same steps as described in OP's instructions, but type "storagemgr.skprx" instead of "gamesd.skprx" in taihen config file. By default the storage_config.txt has been set up in a way that mounts vita memory card as uma0 and sd2vita as ux0 - if you wish to change that, you can do so by changing the values in that text file.
  2. Yes, but there's also an extra layer of "hiding" and that is "Hide protected operating system files" in "Folder Options" menu (for some reason, some of the folders are marked as system files and will not be visible with that feature enabled). Uncheck it and you shall see all the files on Vita memory card, connected via USB (or you can use Total Commander and unhide all the hidden and system files with a single click) It's a shame that most of the links in the tutorial are 404 now (had to find zzblank.img and Disk Imager software elsewhere and sd2vita driver is, I presume, this plugin here )