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  1. Since I just decided to playing on the dark side on my PS3, maybe this is too late since I see this thread kinda not crowded with ppl but I hope I can get my answers here. And since I am noob in this kind of topic, so i want to ask some question. From what I heard about this HAN, its seems that It is better to use secondary PSN acc to activate the HAN right? So, is it better to delete my main acc on my PS3? Second, If it is using secondary acc to install this and that, is it safe to use my main acc when playing something that is installed from HAN? Lastly, from what I see on video etc. we can play PS3 games that downloaded ille galy is that right? since i am not quite sure about this so I ask here. And if we can do it, is there any criteria which games that can be installed? besides that it is need to have update as stated above. And can we install some games that downloaded from NPS?