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  1. can you upload the game,dlc,patch as one file? i only have 3gb left on my cart, i dont know if i need more or not.
  2. going online with henkaku?

    hi there, is it possibile to go online with henkaku? is it possible to spoof a fake FW? i want to play god eater online, but i dont want to take a risk of getting banned or my vita being bricked because of that. do you guys have any ideas or did i miss something?
  3. guys, is this playable online, or only offline?
  4. hi, i can play the game, but it wont save. any hints how i can make this work? does it something have to do with the ftp-transferring? i usually rip-out the manual and make the game install at once... maybe thats the problem? since i only have a mac and i cant use a windows computer everyday, i hope someone can give me the info before asking my friend.
  5. hey guys, i just wanted to contribute info, which is not written here: first install the game, then put the dlc into the specific folder, then install the update. if it does not work, shut down your vita, take out the game(physical, if inserted), start henkaku. after that it should work. had so much problems, because the dlc didnt get recognized. also i wanted to tell you guys, that there are two different muramasa eu files floating around (one from reddit, the other one from here). the one from reddit has longer loading times(???) i dont know whats wrong with the other one, because both are similar in file size. so just watch out. oh and both do work with the dlc. took me ages to find this out.
  6. hey guys, iam new in the forum. i have downloaded the muramasa vpk from reddit. it says EU but i dont know if its EU or US. how do i know it? can i simply add the DLC to the directory and the game starts to accept it or will it corrupt something wihtin the game? hope, one of you guys can help me out.