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  1. Borderlands 2 change resolution

    Yeah it works. Just tested it now. Slight increase in the frame rate but the resolution change is noticable.
  2. When playing, there doesnt seem to be any character portraits or choices. doesnt it supposed to have one? when the characters are talking it is all text and audio and the background. anybody else experience this?
  3. World of Final Fantasy US 1.02 UPDATE (SORA)

    after applying this patch it caused the game to not detect all DLC. anyone experienced this also?
  4. Anybody knows what vita games can connect with the ps3 adhoc party?
  5. "The “Day one” Voucher DLC is now redeemable and enables JPN Voices in the game (make sure to have ~700 MB free). However, English Voices are still nowhere to be found after patch and voucher DLC redemption. This leads me to believe it will be still Day one DLC, but once PSN updates." So where do we get this?
  6. Any particular reason why we should switch from using Vitamin 1 and 2 dumps to Mai? aside from the installation. What I did was after installing them on my vita I backed the games up to the PC using OpenCMA so I can just copy them back using the USB cable instead of FTPing all the time. What do you guys think?