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  1. (Request) Tools or Tutorial for finding Pointers

    OK..........Seems Pinball Heroes-Complete runs weird. Found the Codes for it, but there are 2 Sets of Codes. a First Run, then it stays on another Set, and it stays at it. The last Code I tried to find, I get Problems with. So this needs to get looked into
  2. I Tested this Game looking for what Codes I could. After completing the 1st Stage, and Loading up the 2nd, the Game Crashed. This is due to either Dynamic Addresses, or needing to Disable the Codes prior to the next Level being Loaded. Codes so far found are:
  3. VitaCheat/FinalCheat z05Beta Released (3.65 Support)

    No. CPS# is for Arcade Games in RetroArch FBA Cores. However, I got a Message back from the VitaCheat Dev on if it will or ever will work with Homebrew Games/Emulators So unless Homebrew Devs change their TitleID to have PC at the start of it............. Edit: Just Updated to 3.65 Enso, and can confirm z05 works perfectly. I was also able to Update Pinball Arcade, and will have to add in those Codes I already Posted. Due to Updating to the latest Game Version (1.34), the Codes for 1.25 no longer work. So will be a rather long Table List. LOL. But so far, most of the Games I have already Tested work perfectly like God of War-Collection (US-NoNpDRM), Urban Trial Freestyle. Will Note any Games that need new Codes if any others
  4. VitaCheat/FinalCheat z05Beta Released (3.65 Support)

    From what I am Reading, there is no problem with this Version. Also, this Version is for 3.65 ONLY . It will NOT WORK on 3.60. Anyone see if this works with Homebrew like RetroArch at all???? Would be VERY nice to get Cheats for CPS1 and CPS2 Games Edit: Nevermind. Still does not work with Homebrew Games or Emulators
  5. So far, a lot of Likes for the one who Posted this, but no Comments of any Issues, Improvements, or any Confirmation that it works great on 3.65 From the Post: z05 released!http://finalcheat.github.ioChange log: Support for 3.65 Added feature to view eBoot segment data in Memory Viewer. Right stick up to show/hide Added $B200 code type Other minor adjustments Installation:Same as z04beta. Copy vitacheat.suprx to the ux0:vitacheat directory, and copy vitacheat.skprx to the ur0:vitacheat directory. Add config.txt:*KERNELur0:vitacheat/vitacheat.skprx$B200 code type is used to account for different offsets between Vitamin, MaiDump and NoNpDRM games. Code: $B200 0000000X 00000000 X = 0 or 1. 0 for eBoot seg0 and 1 for eBoot seg1. The following code types become relative offsets instead of absolute offsets. Here's some examples: Code: MaiDump code: (eBoot segment is at Seg0:81000000-811F9188) _V0 MAX MONEY $A100 810C6872 0000BF00 Vitamin code: (eBoot segment is at Seg0:81000060-811F91E8) _V0 MAX MONEY $A100 810C68D2 0000BF00 Instead of two different codes, you can use the new $B200 cheat to account for the 0x60 difference in offset: _V0 MAX MONEY $B200 00000000 00000000 // Gets seg0 address (81000000 for MaiDump, 81000060 for Vitamin) $A100 000C6872 0000BF00 // Sets offset to seg0 + 0x000C6872 (810C6872 for MaiDump, 810C68D2 for Vitamin) Files are attached on bottom of post. See the site linked above for more details. VitaCheat_ver.365.z05Beta.rar
  6. [REQ] Various 3.61+ Games

    Over on GBATemp, a User said he contacted the Dev, and was informed there will be a Update Release of VitaCheat when the Dev is not busy with School. So there should be a z05 or better Version Released at some point. But also remember, the Dev is possibly in China. So just hold on and do what can be done with the Versions currently.
  7. [NoNpDrm] Pinball Arcade w/ all DLCs

    Just wish the User/Users who Posted the VPK and Mai Versions would Post their Links since there would be a LOT more Tables Available
  8. [NoNpDrm] Pinball Arcade w/ all DLCs
  9. For those Users who do not have it yet, here is the 1.25 Patch for The Pinball Arcade. Should give you access to more DLC. Hopefully this helps. Recommend Backing Up your Current Game/Content prior to Applying. Pinball Arcade (US) 1.25 Patch (NoNpDRM) I do have a Request: Need to know if a User/s can Post the 1.30 Update which is supposed to be requiring less than 3.60 FW, and also Post to the NoNpDRM Site, the Links and zRIF to those Links to help assist adding to the Listings. Especially for Add-on Content.
  10. Would like to know if there are Users out there who can Post their Tables on the NoPayStation Site Database. There are quite a few Tables I would like to get, but I think others would as well. Also, any other Games that are Missing as well. This will require a Chrome or FireFox Extension that will show all the Games and DLCs you have from the PSN Store (Requires Logging in). Also, next, after you have the List of Titles, DLCs, and everything else, along with the PKG Links, you will then need to get the License Keys by running each and every Game/DLC you have, then after all that is done, copy over the ux0:License Folder to your Computer, then run a Program that will Decrypt those Files in order to create zRIF Files containing all the proper Decryption Keys for said Games/DLCs. Instructions on how to do these actions are detailed and correct on the NoPayStation Site in the "Database/ReadMe Tab" Page. I only ask, because I have tried MANY times and many different ways of Installing the MaiDump Version of TPA, which ended up not working correctly or at all. Only other way is for Users to Submit their Games/DLCs Info since NND is pretty much the more compatible way of doing things now.
  11. OK, so I downloaded a MaiDump Copy of Pinball Arcade, but it will not run for some reason. I set it to Option 5 for Booting, but nothing. It has the Game, DLC and Update Patch. Main Game Installed no problem along with DLC, but the Update does not work. I also tried putting the Updated Files in the Root of the Game Folder, it Installed no Problem along with the DLC, and I also set it to Option 5. Still Crashed. Question: Can I take the Mai DLC Content, and add them into my PSN Copy of the Game? I did follow the NoNpDRM Tutorial of replacing the work.bin and the Game still works perfectly.
  12. Got Pinball Arcade Cheats I was following the Instructions for NoNpDRM Dumping, but for some reason, the Game Folders would not show on my SD2Vita Card in my PC. So I just replaced the work.bin File to see if it would still work, which it did. Next thing I know, the Codes I found now start working. There is a Issue with the Points Scored Code. I created it under the Big Shot Table, and it worked. However, there are times, it will not work. Also, it will not show on other Tables, but will show on the Final Score Display.Also, I am looking into the Always Ball 1 Code. Going to have to create a Code for EACH Table, as each one seems to be a different Address, but share the 1st 6 Digits. So will take a while. In the meantime..... . Codes seem to work on Official PSN, so they should work in theory for NoNpDRM if anyone has theirs that way. I tried to get a MaiDump Version, but that did not run, despite following all Instructions as Written. Address to Avoid when Searching for Codes:$#### 82E69530Not sure why, but lately when I am looking for Codes, this Address will always show up, but does nothing. Ignore it. These are all the Tables I have. There is only 1 other that seems to be VERY hard to find which I will keep on looking for. Added a couple extras since I was able to put NoNpDRM DLC into my PSN. Now if only to find the No Tilt Code
  13. Urban Trial Freestyle (USA) (EU) NoNpDRM

    Yeah.....the Clock Code hunt is really driving me crazy. Already have the Search Range up to 0x91000000. I WILL FIND YOU!!!!!!!!!!! LOL
  14. Was able to find 2 Codes finally. Money Code apparently is a Floating Point Value. The Crashes Counter required me to increase the Search Size of the Addresses (0x81000000 -> 0x90000000) . Now to see if I can find the 2 Clock Timers. Thanks goes to Borderlinez at CodeMasters for the Money Code Help and Seven Sword at Speedfly for suggesting the Memory Size Increase. Urban Trial Freestyle (EU) NoNpDRM
  15. nonpdrm Mortal Kombat PCSE00023

    Question: I got the Codes from Speedfly, the Infinite Health Code worked it wont. Confirm it is $0200 8A835934 3F800000 Also, what are the 3-4P Codes for?