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  1. Radiant historia is consuming most of my gaming time currently.
  2. steam needs to watch some slice of life anime to understand how vn have been a niche in gaming that holds its audience well. Most of the images that are questionable are static most of the time. Someone should tell them to pick up a hooker in gta5 and ask why its not out right banned. It pisses me off how many parents I know who let their kids play that game. I've told a few to imdb the game and look at the parental guide for it.
  3. I recall Mafia III had playboy mags to collect in game. them 50+ year ago tiddies are okay but some drawn ones arent. Its a shame steam had a narrow mind to this genre.
  4. I'm 130eps into my maiden watch of Nartuo. I have a long journey ahead!
  5. Deforutonamae

    What 3DS game are you sinking your teeth into?

    Massive backlog. Only now getting into Pokemon Sun/Moon
  6. Deforutonamae

    discussion What are you doing right now?

    Mangafying my PC :P