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  1. If you are referring to your saved file from either a Vitamin or Mai dump of the game, it's sad to say, but that will not work with a NoNPDRM dump of the game. Unlike Vitamin and Mai, NoNPDRM dumps are not decrypted which makes a saved file from a decrypted source incompatible.
  2. NoNpDRM Dump Collection

    To those who are wondering where the supplemented "work.bin" goes into, it is in the <GAME_ID>/sce_sys/package.
  3. Finally. Btw, if you do not mind me asking, how do you register for an account at Stack Storage TransIP (Dutch)? Is that via invitation only?
  4. It would be great if someone would upload the update here, though.
  5. Tokyo.Xanadu.v01.04.English.Patched-By.NoOne

    Game works fine so far.
  6. Tokyo.Xanadu.v01.04.English.Patched-By.NoOne

    Will check this out, thanks.
  7. Lost Dimension Undub Addendum [USA] [MaiDumpTool]

    Thanks. I've always been looking for a Mai dump of this game.
  8. ModNation Racers [EU/US][MEGA][VT1.0][TNW]

    I'm getting a random crash with the game when trying to customize my avatar. This is probably better dumped with MaiDumpTools 233.2zEx.