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  1. If you are referring to your saved file from either a Vitamin or Mai dump of the game, it's sad to say, but that will not work with a NoNPDRM dump of the game. Unlike Vitamin and Mai, NoNPDRM dumps are not decrypted which makes a saved file from a decrypted source incompatible.
  2. dothackjhe

    The Caligula Effect

    The pre-patched version was made available in Reddit:
  3. It was the opposite for me at this point. I just moved to Openload from MEGA/Google Drive.
  4. dothackjhe

    Looking for some help uploading some games!

    Everything the Vita does on its vanilla firmware is encrypted and will only work on the exact same unit due to the encryption. It has to be at least running on an exploit for it to be otherwise and, hence, there is HENkaku for the 3.60 firmware.
  5. dothackjhe

    DLC + Update with MaiDumpTool?

    You could also just place the DLC to where the base game is supposed to be placed and install the DLC from MaiDumpTool. That's a guaranteed method of installing a DLC via Mai if you're new to the methodology overall.