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  1. thanks for the update. i'm glad it works for you. enjoy~
  2. can you try this one? https://mega.nz/#!uolUEB4C!Qri1PEI0AT_aAM7Df3lPRHSegKXY6x7fIkNhtv0kXXk
  3. i bought the Ikkitousen Set DLC since PSN spoofing is back. i have only tried this on my side. so please don't hate me if this didn't work for you. Dumped using MaiDumpTool v233.2zEx anyway, this contains: -1.21 update -Sun Ce Character -Sun Ce Clothes -Lu Bu Character -Lu Bu Clothes -Guan Yu Character -Guan Yu Clothes -Ayame Character -Ayane Character -Naraku Character -Kagura Character -the Free DLCs here's the link MEGA DLC only MEGA
  4. The titleid matches this dump which is why they work. I have just installed them and they are showing up on my vita too. Thanks for sharing buddy! at this rate we will have the full table set soon haha! oh. yes. i forgot to mention that. sorry. i changed the folder name to match this dump's title ID. so yeah. excited to see the day we don't have grayed out tables.
  5. hi. i have few US region tables. i dumped them using MaiDumpTool_V233.2z10 and i tried it with this game dump and it actually works. i have uploaded the Avengers Table Pack which contains the following: -The Avengers -World War Hulk -Fear Itself -The Infinity Gauntlet here's the link: https://mega.nz/#!jtlXma5I!kWBE0wnx2sEC ... RbqHtNaP-o it only worked on my side. please don't blame me if it doesn't work for anybody else.