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  1. i was smarter than i must, changuing the carpet name adding the numers than all the games usually have got. i erased and left like comes, and with the sing patches and working perfectly , i cannot find this game anywhere that´s my main reason to put cfw , thank you very much for your help and for sharing, i was expecting to buy it but few ones were launched, thank you so much and have a nice day.
  2. i´ve got an european console, but when i started once time installed, it´s get frozen. i´m using rednand and sing patch. do i must start mocha or put the id before install it or patch it to the european version, i didnt do before because i saw the name the word eur
  3. can i install it with wup installer, it´s ready to work in european systems, i´m from spain, do i need to make something or just uncompress , install and enjoy